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Are Adelina.

I am an independent graphic designer based near Milan but I am a nomad by need: I travel wherever
my work takes me, be it a new printer, a trade fair and/or a paper manufacturer. It is at the same
time both stressful and stimulating. It lets me connect people, experiences and projects while
staying updated on new trends and technologies.


A marketing designer's job is to promote, sell and give shape to the invisible. I use storytelling
within limited spaces, be it a business card, a flyer, a poster, a postcard or the content of a
site. The cover of a book, the label of a beer or a shampoo, the logo for a start- up. Visual
communication subjected to a brand or to personal projects that take shape from one's personal


That which companies and customers in general should expect from my work is imagination,
punctuality, attention to detail, an obsessive search for the right font, the right colour, the
ideal medium. In other words, the brand as if it were even more than a son or daughter.


This is me, and much more. Let's talk!

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